Module 1: A General Introduction to Ethics

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We begin our exploration of Mass Media Issue and Ethics by considering what is ethics. Ethics are the system of principles and practices that guide decisions for the betterment of individuals and society. Read and watch the following introductions to ethical perspectives, frameworks and approaches.

Ethics: A General Introduction

Introduction to Ethics – YouTube

As outlined in these pieces, the core of ethics is a fundamental orientation to others. The cognitive scientist Rebecca Saxe has researched the areas of the brain that influence our orientation toward others. Watch her fascinating explanation of our ethical brains.

How We Read Each Others’ Minds –

And finally, the moral philosopher Peter Singer presents a provocative case for our individual ethical responsibility for the world’s poor. As you consider his argument, review the global poverty facts and statistics.

Peter Singer: The Why and How of Effective Altruism –

Poverty Facts and Stats

In the discussion section below respond to Singer’s argument. Do we as individuals have an ethical responsibility to those living poverty around the globe? Why or why not? Based on the statistics, are you compelled to take any of the actions to help those in need that Singer suggests?