This Day: March 8

0 Posted by - March 8, 2013 - This Day

Justin Simmons didn’t hear a sound, but he saw every word.

The professor lectured and students gave presentations in the sports marketing class Thursday at Saint Mary’s University.

Simmons, 23, watched his sign language interpreter, Carol Daul-Elhindi.

He watched her face for grammar and emotion. He watched her hands for letters and words.

“Everything we are hearing in people’s voices, they are seeing,” Daul-Elhindi said.

Simmons, a senior accounting major, is profoundly deaf, the result of a childhood illness.

A former varsity hockey player, Simmons said his deafness made him a better goalie because he sees everything.

Even in class, he doesn’t look down. One student put her head on the table, and another began to doodle.

Simmons eyes were locked on the interpreter.

“It’s like I’m hearing perfect English.”